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WA Education Summit

Drawing Back The Curtain On

AI And Innovation

In Today’s Schools

1 Day Conference - 3rd August

Optional Masterclass - 4th August

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KEYNOTE Speakers

Dr Catriona Wallace

Founder - Responsible Metaverse Alliance
Dr Catriona Wallace is an Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse specialist. Catriona has been recognised by AFR as the most influential woman in business and entrepreneurship, and by Onalytica as one of the top speakers on both Ethical AI and the Metaverse, internationally.

Catriona co-authored the book Checkmate Humanity: the how and why of Responsible AI. An expert in Digital Transformation, Catriona is well spoken and researched in the areas of Cyber Security (working closely with Governments and businesses on its impact and preventions), the Future of Work, Employment, Ethics and Diversity.

Dr Wallace is an Adjunct Professor, Founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance and Co-Chairs Richard Branson’s B Team AI Coalition and sits on the Australian Federal Government’s AI Action Initiative team. Dr Catriona Wallace will be appearing on the 2023 season of Shark Tank Australia as one of the Sharks (however regards herself as more of a Dolphin!) She is also a human rights activist and mother of five.

“One of the best presentations that I have seen. Dr Wallace used audience participation and her own personal story as a woman to highlight the challenges and opportunities in the tech industry.” -UNSW Business School and Director, AGSM UNSW Business School

Scott Millar

Chief Troublemaker - BOP Industries
The tech-head prodigy behind BOP Industries, Scott Millar is a young entrepreneur taking the world by storm. Compared to a young Steve Jobs after turning a year nine business project into a thriving business, Scott is a 23-year-old CEO that has taken an alternative career pathway, turning down scholarship offers after finishing high school to run his company full time, now with a growing presence around the world. As Queensland’s Young Small Business Leader and one of Australia’s top 30 CEO’s under 30 years of age Scott is on a mission to inspire the next generation, showing them the exciting things they can do regardless of their age, postcode or skillset

Lee Hickin

Director - National Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft ANZ
Lee has over 30 years’ experience in the technology sector and is driven by the potential for positive and responsible technology with a deep focus on Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and large language / foundational models.

Lee has worked across Asia, the UK and Australia, before joining Microsoft, Lee led the Internet of Things team for Amazon Web Services in Asia Pacific. Earlier in his career, he was a CISSP security architect with RSA Security and Tivoli.

As the National CTO, Lee advises government and commercial organisations on digital strategy and the economic, innovation and social impact of cloud scale technology.

Lee also heads the Microsoft’s Office of Responsible AI for ANZ and guides organisations through the mechanisms and culture needed to embrace responsible AI implementation.

Lee believes in the potential of AI to help build a brighter and more inclusive future, and is a regular speaker on cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence, and digital trust. He sits on the NSW Government Artificial Intelligence Review Committee as well several board roles supporting technology innovators and public policy groups.



Delivered by Trent Ray

Leading a Safe Digital School
Leading a school community in a world where technology trends rapidly emerge, and shift, can feel like a game of catch up. Effective digital leadership today requires a proactive approach, particularly when it comes to cyber security and the digital wellbeing of all within our school community.

Knowledge is power, so in this full day workshop school leaders will inspect their current systems, processes and programs embedded within their eco-system. They will uncover the three fundamental principles of leading a digitally safe school, an access proactive toolkits to increase their cyber safety and digital wellbeing maturity for their community.
Through participating in this workshop, leaders will:
  • Understand the key values for a strong foundation of digital safety and wellbeing
  • Have deeply explored the three fundamentals for leading a digitally safe school
  • Discover the Best Practice Framework for Online Safety Education
  • Charter a path in navigating the challenges of leading a digital safety community.
This workshop is suitable for
  • Principals, Deputy Principals and Directors of Teaching and Learning.
  • eLearning and Wellbeing leaders and co-ordinators

 *Whilst not a requirement, it is highly recommended that two representatives attend from each school.

Delegates can buy tickets for the bundle or each day separately.


Time Leadership and Governance IT Management Teaching and Learning
8:00 AM
Open for Registration
Welcome to Country
Opening Address by
Trent Ray
(60 mins)
Opening Keynote
AI & the Metaverse in Schools – is it even real?
Dr. Catriona Wallace
(40 mins)
Our Digital Natives: Creating Future Focused Learning Experiences For Our Next Generation
Scott Millar
(20 mins)
Morning Tea
(40 mins)
Innovation at Methodist Ladies’ College
– The Future Is Yours
Robert Dodds
Lead the AI era with the Microsoft Cloud Michael Richards
The Potential of AI in Our Everyday
Kate Thomas
(20 mins)

Harnessing the Power of AI in Education:
Transforming Classrooms with Microsoft
Tools and a Growth Mindset
Peggy Fitzgerald & Kylie Kingdon (20 mins)
11.55 – 12.35
(40 mins)
IBuilding Trust and Connection: Pastoral
Leadership in a Technology Landscape
Shane Parnell
Speed Sessions
How Technology is Supporting the Next
Generation of Healthy Classrooms
Jonathan Lee
From Pencils to Pixels – Unleashing
Efficiency with Paperly
Daniel Dawson
Level up student e-safety by unleashing the
potential of your school's firewall.
Scott Glew
Microsoft session
(40 mins)
12.40 - 1.20
(40 mins)
Workshop: Shifting Paradigms Amid
Educational Evolution
Simon Fittock & Zina Cordery
Leveraging AI for a simpler, smarter
Alex Aberle-Leeming & Fletcher Joyce
Beyond consumption: ClassVR to inspire,
investigate, create and share.
Kelly Curran & Shirley McKibben
1.20- 2.10pm
(50 mins)
Lunch and Networking
2.10- 2.50pm
(40 mins)
What does it mean to Embrace AI?: A Christ
Church Grammar School case study.
Jean-Paul Papineau
Building a cyber security team with virtual
staff; how ‘Security Sarah’ has enabled our
Lee Swift
Professional Learning with Apple
Stephen Corcoran
2.55 – 3.35pm
(40 mins)
Closing Keynote
Education in the Age of Technology, Making it Real
Lee Hickin
Closing remarks,
prizes and networking drinks


Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform education and make learning more efficient, effective, and personalised. However, it is important to ensure that these tools are used ethically, and that students’ privacy is protected.

Hear keynote speakers Dr. Catriona Wallace, Lee Hickin and Scott Millar discuss how different generations can work together in a changing world to use this technology responsibly. Hear from educators who are leveraging AI in their own schools. Participate in innovative workshops and practical activities and explore future of work possibilities that AI will provide students of today.

Explore other innovative technologies that are transforming how we manage our schools and our classrooms. Have fun. Be inspired. Be the change.


Executive & Leadership Roles

IT Management

Teacher & Learning Roles


All Saints' College

Great venue, relaxed atmosphere, and really informative

Hale School

This is exactly the type of event that Perth Schools have been crying out for

Baldivis Primary School

"Each Talk left you inspired and motivated"

Dalyellup Primary School

Seamlessly organised. Good mix of topics for both Apple and Windows users. Optus staff were very helpful. First class all round - congratulations Solutions IT


"I enjoyed the ability to interact with vendors to learn more about their products and implementation in systems

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The WA Education Summit is the premier education event for the WA Edu-IT community. Held at Optus Stadium, this event not only boasts an exquisite venue and internationally renowned speakers, it also attracts hundreds of IT managers, leadership and decision makers from schools from across the state.

Sponsorship opportunities provide vendors with the ability to establish themselves as industry experts within the WA education sector as well as a chance to showcase their company’s capabilities and challenge-solving solutions.


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Robert Dodds

Head of Innovation
Robert Dodds has led and implemented innovation and transformational change in both primary and secondary schools in the UK and Australia for over two decades. He is motivated by a passion for innovative pedagogy, an obsession with technology, and a deep loathing of the six most dangerous words in education: ‘That’s how we’ve always done it’. As Head of Innovation at Methodist Ladies’ College, he currently leads the development and implementation of pioneering future-focussed learning which not only prepares students to thrive in the future, but to actively shape it for themselves. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Robert is a teacher, author of books and interactive resources, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, vocal eSports advocate, and an experienced and sought after presenter.

Jean-Paul Papineau

Director of Pedagogy

Jean-Paul Papineau is the Director of Pedagogy at Christ Church Grammar School. A K-12 Day and Boarding School in Perth Western Australia, consistently one of the best performing, non-selective schools in Australia. He was previously the Head of Middle School at Corpus Christi College, which was selected as the Apple Global Feature School for creativity in 2020. Jean-Paul is an Apple Distinguished Educator, has been twice been named Edval Timetabling Customer Advocate of the year and is a passionate instructional coach, with a particular interest area in change management around school culture and transformative tech in the classroom. Jean-Paul presents both nationally and internationally in the areas of vision, leadership, technology integration and creativity. He consults with a number of Perth schools on leading pedagogical change and has written and implemented unique digital creativity classes for Middle School students. His sample lessons, resources, presentations and class materials are available online via collaborations such as the Apple Teacher Network to assist all educators to reimagine their own classrooms, and grow a culture of creativity.

Daniel Dawson

Daniel is the Founder and Director of Paperly, an education management platform which streamlines schools’ processes onto a single platform. Dan founded Paperly after working in two private independent schools, and experienced firsthand how the inefficient nature of manual administrative processes and workflows affected teachers, administrators and the wider school community. He felt there was a better way! Paperly is now used in schools across Australia, helping teachers, admin staff, students and parents save time, all on a single platform

Stephen Corcoran

Head of Innovation

Stephen is a member of your local Apple Education Team. He is part of the Leadership and Learning Team across Australia and New Zealand. Stephen had been an educator for 35 years with extensive classroom teaching and leadership experience across a large number of CEWA and independent schools.

Stephen’s main role with Apple is supporting educational communities and systems implement successful technology programs to increase learning outcomes.

He is passionate about exceptional pedagogy and transformative learning with Apple technologies.

Stephen’s whole family live and breath education with his wife, father, mother in law and both children being school teachers or pre-service teachers.

Stephen’s Teaching & Learning workshop: Bring Augmented Reality to Your Classroom with iPad

First hand experience is one of the most powerful ways to learn. With Augmented Reality (AR), students can experience just about anything they can imagine. Join us to explore how AR on iPad is helping transform what is possible in the classroom. During this workshop you will:

• Explore AR apps on iPad that are helping students connect their learning to the world in new ways.

• Learn how AR creates immersive and engaging learning experiences in contexts such as storytelling, mathematics and science.

Kate Thomas

Digital Pedagogy Coach
Kate is an experienced primary educator with a strong commitment to equity in education. Having taught in both high and low socio-economic Catholic schools in Perth, she has developed a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges that come with educating diverse student populations. Kate has taught all years across primary school and currently works as a science specialist for Pre-Primary to Year Three. Her extensive teaching experience has developed her pedagogy and passion for inquiry-based learning and digital integration. Alongside her classroom role, Kate works as a Digital Pedagogy Coach, supporting staff in enhancing their digital integration skills. She is a qualified Apple Learning Coach and has facilitated numerous professional learning sessions at various schools, as well as presented at several system-wide webinars. Currently completing her Masters of Education, Kate is committed to continuously improving her teaching practice and empowering students to reach their full potential. As a mother to an energetic little boy, she is driven to positively impact education by harnessing the power of technology and exploring the potential of AI.

Zina Cordery

Digital Technologies and EduTech Lecturer, School of Education
Zina Cordery is an accomplished academic in Education, where she coordinates teaching pre-service secondary teachers to integrate ICT into curriculum areas and the Digital Technologies curriculum. Zina is particularly interested in emerging technologies such as Immersive Technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education. Her work focuses on leveraging the potential of AI to enhance student engagement, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Zina’s vision is to work collaboratively with teachers, schools, and the community to promote AI literacy and best practices in its use. Zina is also enthusiastic about immersive technologies such as VR, AR and games-based learning and how these technologies can be harnessed to improve student learning experiences and provide them with valuable skills for the future.

Simon Fittock

Technologies Consultant
Simon is a dedicated educator who has established a specialty in the areas of Technologies and educational leadership. As a consultant for the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia, he works with educators in the areas of Technologies, digital literacy and STEM. Simon is a PhD candidate and sessional academic at Edith Cowan University, working and researching in the areas of educational leadership, policy, equity and ICT. Simon believes that it is the role of educators to be part futurists, which has seen him develop a keen interest in how the AI revolution will disrupt the typically change-resistant field of education.

Michael Richards

Security Specialist Global Black Belt
Michael has over twenty-five years of experience in information technology and security, and currently works as a Global Black Belt in Microsoft’s Security Solutions Asia team, which is a fancy way of saying he is a Security Specialist focused on new and emerging technologies. Most recently Michael helped launch Microsoft Entra Permissions Management in the APJ market, and prior to this spent eleven years as a Technical Specialist across Australia and Canada assisting customers with Microsoft’s cloud-based security and productivity solutions. Michael has held a variety of roles in his career including application development, consulting, technical training, and system administration. Michael currently resides in his home town of Perth with his wife and two daughters.

Shirley McKibbin

Head of Library K-12
Shirley always knew she wanted to be a teacher and after 30+ years in education, she is still passionate about it. She began as a primary school classroom teacher and after having her twins, became an eclectic specialist teacher in Phys Ed, Library, Music, and Education Support. Forced to choose one learning area in which to specialise, Shirley chose Library and Academic Extension as they fitted hand-in-hand. Over 15 years ago, Shirley made the brave venture into secondary school after becoming the Head of Library K-12 at St Mark’s Anglican Community School at a time when libraries housed the computer lab and Teacher Librarians were responsible for teaching both students and staff how to use information literacy skills in their lessons. Fast forward to today and Shirley is still teaching information literacy in a newly developed program called Learn in Years 6 to 8 along with Kelly Curran. Together, Kelly and Shirley write and teach this program and will be presenting part of it at the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia in June and among other things, will experience celebrating 4th July whilst in Boston. Shirley is a member of AISWA Libraries and recently presented part of their Learn Program to AISWA colleagues with Kelly. Shirley loves that her students call her “Special K” and believe she doesn’t teach, but that her lessons are performances.

Kelly Curran

Head of Digital Learning K-12

Kelly commenced her current role as Head of Digital Learning K-12 at St Mark’s Anglican Community School in 2020. Prior to this, she led learning in a range of ICT integration and Teacher Librarian roles at PLC, Scotch College and Newman College. Kelly is passionate about working with staff to enhance and transform student learning through technology and targeted development of information and digital literacy skills across the curriculum. She is a founding member of the WA Learning Technology Leaders Network, and enjoys sharing and collaborating with other teachers and leaders within and beyond her school. Since starting her professional career as a Primary School teacher more than 25 years ago, and having since taught in all year levels and in most subject areas, Kelly has also completed a Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship), a Professional Certificate in Instructional Leadership, and has recently qualified as an ISTE Certified Educator. With Shirley, Kelly is greatly looking forward to presenting at and attending the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia in June.

In her other life as a WAAPA graduate (BMus, Composition), Kelly has created and presented four shows for FringeWorld Perth. This year, Kelly has commenced her PhD studies, which will involve practice-led research combining historical adaptation and musical theatre. She is super excited to visit Broadway while in the US.

Scott Glew

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

Scott is a co-founder and web developer at Fastvue, a software company helping schools monitor internet usage using data from the world’s leading firewalls.

Scott has spent countless hours investigating the ways modern web applications work and how their activity gets logged by various firewalls, all with the aim of delivering meaningful insights to people who don’t spend their days analysing log files.

Scott is the father of two teenage boys and deeply sympathizes with the daily online challenges and pressures students encounter.

When he is not focusing on FastVue, Scott runs Morning Startup, Perth’s largest meetup group for startups, and loves to nerd out about guitars, tech, F1, and craft beer. He can often be found shouting at screens in support of the Freo Dockers or the Seattle Seahawks

Alex Aberle-Leeming

Account Manager – WA
Alex Aberle-Leeming leads Cisco Meraki in Western Australia, based in Perth. Alex has over 15 years experience in the IT industry in both public and private sector. Alex is passionate about making complex technology topics accessible to a broader audience – even if that means going out to the middle of the WA desert to record content for LinkedIn!

Fletcher Joyce

Technical lead – WA
Fletcher Joyce is the technical lead for Cisco Meraki in Western Australia, based in Perth. Fletcher has over 15 years’ experience in network engineering across multiple industry verticals. Fletcher has a keen interest in IoT solutions and their convergence with the network, having previously served as the engineering leader for an ASX-listed IoT startup.

Lee Swift

Chief Information Security Officer
Lee Swift is CEWA’s Chief Information Security Officer. Leading a team of security professionals, he is focused on providing a secure learning environment for staff and students.

Jonathan Lee

Business Manager ANZ – IFP/LFD/VC

Jonathan leads the IFP business for BenQ ANZ. With over 18 years of experience in AV/IT, he has gained valuable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities within the education sector. Passionate about personalised teaching experiences, Jonathan deeply understands the pivotal role technology plays in enhancing this aspect.

In his current capacity, Jonathan leverages his industry expertise to drive positive transformations in educational outcomes and foster an environment that nurtures learning through technology. Jonathan is passionate in advocating how technology can be seamlessly integrated to elevate educational experiences.

Kylie Kingdon

Virtual School Network (ViSN) consultant
Kylie Kingdon is the Virtual School Network (ViSN) consultant based at Catholic education Western Australia in Leederville and is a MIEExpert Fellow for Microsoft. Kylie is a History/HaSS teacher by trade and has been teaching for 17 years, with the last two years being solely online. She has a passion for digital pedagogy and enhancing learning online.

Shane Parnell

Director of Technology
Shane is a passionate educator with over eighteen years of experience in the education sector. He has spent the last decade as part of School executives, and currently serves as the Director of Technology at the Anglican Schools Commission. Prior to his current role, he was the Head of IT and Operations at Peter Carnley Anglican Community School. Throughout his career, Shane has always looked for ways to improve and implement solutions that are forward-thinking. His leadership journey began as a secondary Mathematics teacher and has led him through numerous roles as Head of Pastoral Care and Acting Chief Operating Officer of the Anglican Schools Commission. In his role as Director of Technology, Shane provides leadership, governance and strategic direction to 16 schools across Australia, helping them plan, review, and lead change initiatives to ensure that they remain future-focused. He is a strong and adaptive leader, empowering others to strive for excellence and whilst promoting wellbeing. Shane’s knowledge of School operational, and administrative systems, and how they integrate into the Teaching and Learning environment, allows him to provide a rounded perspective on current issues in education. He enjoys the challenge of finding new and creative solutions to old problems and learns by finding how systems break.

Peggy Fitzgerald

Virtual School Network (ViSN) Coordinator
Peggy is currently the Virtual School Network (ViSN) Coordinator at Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA). Her previous role was that of the Pedagogical Practice Consultant at CEWA. Peggy’s teaching areas have been in the Biological Sciences and Online Learning. She is passionate about Digital Pedagogy and making online learning a normal option for students. Peggy is a Microsoft Innovative Education Expert and has presented many webinars and presentations regarding Digital Pedagogy and Effective Online Learning resulting in being chosen to present at the Digital Learning Conference in Austin Texas in 2020 on Personalised Online Professional Learning.
Dr Jordan Nguyen
In this exciting talk, Dr Jordan Nguyen (biomedical engineer, inventor, TV Presenter and Author of A Human’s Guide to the Future) will open your mind to the big ideas globally being made possible in science and technology, and how they will impact our world. With the realms of the imagination and reality in our world slowly intertwining, extraordinary endeavours often begin with a simple idea. He will take you through advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Space Technology and more, looking into how disruptive technologies can be used as tools to improve humanity and life on Earth. In addition to his own projects and inventions, Jordan will share his adventures around the world as a presenter with ABC and Discovery Channel, uncovering some of the most amazing creations of our time based on big dreams, leading with vision and purpose, the power of diverse collaborations and teamwork, and how collectively we can pursue the extraordinary to shape a better tomorrow.
Dan Bowen
Curiosity in The Age of AI

AI will change everything. Dan will inspire us with what’s next but also share ideas on how we can make this real in our school tomorrow. We will look at examples and tools you already have to drive safe, rich AI experiences in your classroom starting now and how we can gear up for what’s next.

Staale Brokvam & Louisa Kennard
Leveraging Generative AI to Supercharge Teaching and Learning in The Classroom

Join Nick Morgan (Regional Director – Australia/New Zealand, Toddle) alongside Staale Brokvam (Director of Technology) and Louisa Kennard (Primary Teacher) from the International School of Western Australia to dive into the role that generative AI can take in the classroom. Discover how Toddle AI is elevating teaching and learning, supporting student wellbeing, and giving back more time to teachers through this case study.

Luke Shaw
Protecting Education From Cyber Attacks - Practical Solutions

Navigating the crowded cyber security landscape can be daunting for the education sector. This presentation demystifies the complexity by focusing on the most relevant threats and practical solutions. Attendees will learn how to prioritise cyber security measures essential for protecting educational data and ensuring a safe learning environment.

William Horwood
Transforming Goal Setting: A Journey with Power Automate

This session explores the innovative use of Power Automate in redefining goal setting. This session delves into how Power Automate’s robust automation capabilities can streamline the goal-setting process, making it more efficient and effective. Attendees will learn about the practical applications of Power Automate and other Microsoft applications in setting, tracking, and achieving goals. The session also highlights real-world examples and success stories, demonstrating the transformative potential of Power Automate in personal and professional goal setting. Join us on this journey to discover how technology can revolutionize traditional goal-setting methods.

Leon Furze
Teaching AI Ethics through the Australian Framework
Teaching AI means being prepared to grapple with complex ethical concerns. All artificial intelligence systems, including GenAI like ChatGPT, are prone to bias and discriminatory output. They also carry concerns around copyright, privacy, and even the heavy environmental cost of training and developing models. The Australian Framework for Generative AI in Schools requires us to be aware of, and able to teach, these complex matters. This session explores how AI ethics can be woven throughout the existing curriculum, touching on many diverse subject areas and exploring how AI will impact all of our disciplines.
Warren McLeod
Maximising Learning and Community Engagement

Schoolbox is an all-in-one Learning Management System, community Portal and engagement platform supporting over 300 K-12 schools across Australia and the globe. During this case study and fireside chat, we will explore how careful consideration and strategic planning has enabled a school to utilize the Schoolbox platform to connect, communicate and collaborate with staff, students and parents to enhance the learning and teaching experience of all. Join us to hear about change management considerations, the reasons behind technology choices and important decision making processes to enhance the user experience and build community.

Kylie Kingdon & Kate Kerr
Learning Accelerators to Disrupt your Teaching Learning

Join us for an exciting and hands-on workshop that delves into the revolutionising Microsoft Learning Accelerators. In this workshop, you’ll explore how Learning Accelerators facilitate foundational skills development, including reading, writing, and math. Learn how these tools can save you time as a teacher and encourage students to take control of their learning. Through real-world examples and interactive demonstrations, we’ll showcase how these tools provide personalised coaching to students, helping them catch up, keep up, and get ahead. Whether you’re an educator, administrator, or technology enthusiast, you’ll discover practical ideas to implement in your classroom immediately.

Brett Salakas
FREE is my Second Favourite F Word

Get ready to discover why ‘FREE’ could soon become your favourite (or 2nd favourite) F-word too! This session, ‘FREE is my 2nd Favourite F Word,’ showcases an exciting array of absolutely free AI and EDtech tools that every teacher should know about. From AI-driven resources that simplify lesson planning and grading to interactive EDtech that captivates and engages students, Brett scoured the tech landscape to bring you the best no-cost tools to enhance your teaching. Join us for a fun and informative session that will not only save your budget but also transform your classroom into a hub of innovation and learning. It’s time to elevate your educational toolkit without spending a penny!

Brett Salakas
Effective Assessment With AI

Unlock the potential of AI in educational assessment with this session. This enlightening workshop delves into the latest research that supports AI-driven assessment techniques, explores the innovative P.R.I.S.M model, and offers hands-on experience with practical AI tools that every teacher can incorporate into their practice. Whether you’re looking to enhance accuracy, efficiency, or engagement in assessments, this session provides the knowledge and tools to transform your approach. Join us to explore how AI can elevate your assessment strategies and help you achieve deeper, more meaningful insights into student learning.

Paul Dionysius
Leader Spotlight: Building a Thriving and Diverse Digital Technologies Program

How do we empower learners today and prepare them for a changing world? Technology is a driving force behind this change and the ability to leverage it to foster collaboration, develop problem-solving skills and create digital solutions. Paul Dionysius, an academic leader at Siena Catholic College, shares the school’s journey from just 18 students enrolled in the elective Digital Solutions course, to 137 students; with one third of these students female. Paul will share actionable techniques and tips to engage and empower students to meaningfully develop future skills in high school.

Paul Dionysius
Preparing Students with Future Skills

The skills that employers are looking for are changing — away from passive, knowledge-based skills toward creative problem-solving, analytical thinking, design, and collaboration. In this session, educator Paul Dionysius will share how Apple technology enables their students to do real-world work with real-world tools. We will also explore ways to bring student ideas to life with design and app development.

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